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What is the fastest growing area of online gambling? Bingo! Online bingo doesn’t just appeal to the stereotypical players such as old ladies and single mums, anyone can play even a macho man.

So why is it such a growth industry? Well first and foremost, it is fun. The game is fast paced – with numbers being called every 10 seconds or so – and despite being played in a virtual world where players don’t have a clue who they are playing with, there is a real sense of community among the online bingo world. Anyone can play and feel part of this community, chatting to other bingo fans in chat rooms, picking up tips and tricks of the trade.

Unlike land-based, ‘real’ bingo so to speak, you can play it anytime, from pretty much anywhere as long as you an internet connection and a laptop or mobile. Bingo is a game that doesn’t require too much skill, you can play it as a distraction, on the bus on the way home from work and not set aside hours of play time as you would for casino based games such as poker or blackjack. It is this perfect combination of ease, convenience and fun that has made online bingo so immensely popular. But another big draw card is the potential to win real money, and win it big.

However, to be truly successful at online bingo and indeed make some decent money from it, there are a few things to bear in mind.

Firstly, to improve your odds of winning you need to practice. Try out several different bingo sites to see which one you like best and try various forms of the traditional game. Many sites let you play for free so you can try before you buy. With bingo, no deposit doesn’t necessarily mean no return.

If you don’t know what sites to start on, do a quick internet search for bingo site reviews. There are literally hundreds of blogs and websites dedicated to informing users of which sites to avoid and which sites to enjoy. Reviews should also tell you a little bit about the site, what they offer in terms of rewards and how they pay out.

Once you have found a few sites that you like, check they are safe before playing with real money. They should be licensed and registered in a recognised location and they should tell you which software programme powers the site; micro-gaming is one of the best. Finally, look out for payment methods and contact details if these are hard to find and you can’t contact the site ‘live’ 24 hours a day then avoid it at all costs.

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