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The world of online bingo

When you’re playing online bingo it is important to know WHERE to play, as well ad HOW to play.  Well known online bingo sites are generally more recommended, as they generally deserve the good reputation they have, and this is an important thing to consider when you are going to spend your hard earned money.

When faced with seemingly infinite amounts of choice, we often make the wrong decisions. We throw caution to the wind and choose hastily and base our decision on factors that shouldn’t be a priority.

The internet is praised for offering so much choice. Indeed, choice is a good thing, however, when choice isn’t regulated, our choices are uninformed and this is when mistakes are made. There are thousands of online bingo sites on the internet, but not all of them are reputable.

So how do you sort the wheat from the chaff? Here are some handy tips to ensure your online bingo isn’t just fun, its safe too.

Firstly, ask around. If you play land-based bingo already ask your fellow game players if they dabble in online bingo and if so, which sites would they recommend. If you don’t play real bingo, do a quick search on the internet for peer-to-peer review sites and blogs. You can read through user comments to find out which sites to avoid and which sites to try.

Once you have found a few sites, check them out. However, don’t be fooled by appearances. Just because a site looks professional, doesn’t mean it is. Check if and where it is licensed. The best places to look for are Gibraltar, Malta and Antigua, but there are others that are just as reliable and safe too.

Everything should be easy to find. The ‘about us’ section should be clear and detailed and you should be able to contact the customer service team at any time of day by various means, not just email alone. Look out for instant chat. You can speak to a real person, in real time without leaving your computer.

Also keep your eyes peeled for no deposit bingo games. Being able to try before you buy is incredibly important. You get to test the software and usability and you can even win a prize.

What can the site do for you? Does it run a monthly sweepstake? Does it give first-deposit bonuses? What about monthly offers and progressive jackpot? It has to be worth your while. But also check the monthly pay out figure to ascertain your likelihood of winning.

Finally, report back your findings to other users via chat rooms and blogs. If you find a dodgy bingo site it is imperative you inform others about it. Likewise if you absolutely love one site in particularly, sing its praises in public.

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