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Modern Poker Game

Poker is a betting game usually played by use of cards. This differs on how cards are dealt and the sum of money put on the bet. The winner is determined by either matching the cards as required or by scoring the highest marks or meeting the conditions as stipulated by the players or as rules entail. It is a voluntary game whose players place their money or any other bets on the table for the winner to claim at the end of the game. It is known and played by most people because it is one of the earliest and easiest games that dates back to as early as the 15th century and was popularly played by Germans. Today many people play this game online to get money and other betting on the score board. There have been tournaments held at various occasions and winners find themselves overnight celebrities hence increasing the participation.

In a casino, a card at each hand is handled by a dealer and the button used to play is rotated clockwise for players to determine betting order. Forced bets are required to be made by the players to a blind bet or an ante. The cards are shuffled and distributed to players from the right to the left. Depending on the poker being played, cards may face up or down. If there is no opponent to call after the bet is played, the game ends immediately and the winner is declared on the spot and awarded and when no showing of cards is required another bet is then set. This game has many variations like the Stud Poker, Draw Poker, Community Card Poker and Strip Poker. Each of them has different rules but it remains poker with a reward at the end of each game but with different rules and approaches.

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