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3 Low Stakes Texas Hold’em Tips

Beating the low stakes games online doesn’t require Negreanu-esque skills. As long as you have the fundamentals and a decent mindset you should have a good chance at beating the games up to NL $50 without lots of study. In this article we’re going to offer three practical tips to help beat the low stakes hold’em games online.

Limit Your Bluffing

One of the major reasons the low stakes games are beatable is the stubborn opponent types. The downside of this can be the restrictions it places on your bluffing. Advanced players continue to make the foolish mistake that bluffing at low stakes is the same as mid or higher stakes games. This is simply not the case. A micro-stakes player that has shown significant interest in a pot is unlikely to fold, regardless of the size of your bet. Therefore, you need to limit your bluffing and pick and choose timely bluffs – not try to run the table over.

Add Some Tables

If you want to secure a decent win rate online at low stakes, multi-tabling is necessary. Sure, you may sacrifice a little edge on each table, but your overall winnings and hourly rate will be higher. The days are gone when you can one table and turn out a big hourly in low games. Even the average players are ok and will probably be playing lots to take advantage of loyalty rewards and rakeback schemes. Therefore, our tip add a few tables to ensure you are busy, active and generating a better ROI.

Own Late Position

This may seem generic but what we mean is play as much as possible from later position. Professionals earn most of their money playing from the cut-off and button positions. These are most advantageous as you are always last to act after the flop. This is a huge information advantage, particularly in cash games where most players are sitting with one hundred big blinds or more. Therefore, you shouldn’t have any problem opening up your 3-betting range and flatting with speculative hands like suited connectors, suited aces and all manor of paint combinations.

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