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Various Types of Online Poker Players

In order to increase your chances of winning poker games, you need to know the different types of poker players and how they can affect a poker game as a whole.

Tight-Aggressive Players

Tight-aggressive poker players do not usually play pre-flop hands; however, when they do, they are 100% aggressive.  In order to beat these players, pay attention to their playing habits and use them to your advantage.  Do remember to switch up your playing style periodically to throw the tight-aggressive player off.

Hyper Aggressive Players

The hyper aggressive player can be identified by these betting patterns – frequently betting, raising, and re-raising, leaving the table early, and ending the tournament with a large stack.  Play slow on a good flop hand when up against these players as well as narrow your hand entry selection.

Calling Stations

When playing against calling stations, it is not the time to be aggressive or to bluff.  These players are virtually unreadable as they most often only call when they are holding one or two pairs, straights, and flushes.  Try your best to play a solid, straightforward game.

Loose Players

The tendency of a loose player is to bet and raise when holding almost any type of hand.  They hold on for dear life in every round they play hoping for a great hand and the chance to see all of the cards.  So you should not consider loose players to be much of a threat.

Weak-Tight Players

Weak-tight players like to take all of the pre-flop cards, but they will only play their hand if it includes superior cards, making them easy to read.  You can steal the weak-tight player’s blind by betting and raising, especially if they are sitting to your left.

Sit and go websites are filled with non-experienced poker players, making them your best bet to play on.

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