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4 Crucial Mistakes New Players Make When Playing Poker

Although poker is a game which heavily relies on chance, it does require a great amount of skill. There are a lot of newbie poker players who often make the same mistakes which, inevitably ends up costing them a huge amount of cash, as well as the chance to continue playing in a tournament. Additionally, there are new players who play poker online for free and they never win any games due to poor poker playing techniques. Nevertheless, if you are aware of the four most popular poker mistakes which new players make, your chances of winning games as well as tournaments will dramatically increase.

1. Choosing to go ‘all in’ frequently or when you get extremely desperate: When it comes to playing in a tournament using play money, there are some individuals who will go ‘all in’ with the first game. Playing in this manner might work at the start, but eventually, another player will call you out. If this happens, you will have to cross your fingers and hope that you have been dealt a good hand. Going ‘all in’ is a tactic which can be used in order to encourage your opponents to fold, however, this method should be used with caution and only if you have a concrete hand along with the opportunity to double your winnings. With bluffing, players try and do this once in a while when they go ‘all in’. Doing this with a bad set of cards is recognized as playing bad poker.

2. Keeping your bets to a minimum: When you get a good hand, you should not be scared to increase your bet before the flop, or to increase it afterwards. Playing at a slower pace can work to your advantage when you have great cards. On the other hand, as soon as you start betting on no limit games, do not bet too small because you will not be able to win a lot of money. Top poker players only bet a specific amount so that 1 or 2 people call.

3. Betting too much: Some poker players will either bet outlandishly or go ‘all in’ when their cards are good. But, this is a waste and it also makes it easy for other players to read your play. Playing like this will not play to your advantage if they can adjust their game so that you do not benefit.

4. Lastly, know when it is the best time to fold: Top players will always have their eye on their opponents and will try to guess who has a much better hand than their own. If a player places a high bet, and you hold the best set of cards, you can then call. The only thing is that you will need to know the chances of another player holding a better set of cards. So many newbie’s will make large bets at times where they do not have a good hand; they only need a card to draw. But this is not the best way to gamble because getting the card you want is not always possible.

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