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Poker at the Casino

Every poker player wants to try their luck at the casinos at least once in their life. After all, the casinos are where the action is, the big money, the lights, the excitement and the romance. Every poker player dreams of sitting down at a casino game and winning the big money. The question to ask yourself is when and how should I start playing at the casinos.

Of all queries, the most important question you need to ask yourself is can I afford to play poker or rather, loose a lot of money at the casino? If you have to ask yourself this question, you probably can’t afford to play poker at the casino. Remember, you should always have enough money to buy food and pay all the bills after the game. If you don’t, you probably have a gambling problem and should seek help for it.

If you do think you have enough money to play poker at the casino don’t go there until you’ve had some experience. Spend a few months playing online and in a home poker game before you go to the casino. Familiarize yourself with the game, particularly Texas Hold Em, which is the most popular casino game. Don’t consider playing in the casino until you’re making money online or in the home games. One way to get yourself ready for casino play is to play in a number of different home games.

Once you get to the casino, don’t get suckered by games the casino calls poker but really aren’t. In most casinos, you’ll see games like Caribbean Stud Poker or Casino Five Card Poker. These games aren’t poker; they’re house games where you play against the house. The house wants you to play in these games because it makes more money off of them. You can’t win at these games so don’t play them.

Instead, go to the poker room, most large casinos have one. A poker room is a room with several poker tables. Large casinos in places like Las Vegas usually have their poker rooms open 24 hours a day seven days a week. Smaller casinos may only have poker in the evenings or in the afternoons.

When you reach the poker room you have the choice of sit and play or tournament play. Sit n play means that you simply sit in on a game where the house supplies the dealer. Sit down and play a few hands and see if you’re good to play in the casino. If you feel comfortable, stay, if you don’t, leave.

Many casinos also hold tournaments every day. Schedules of these are posted in the casino or on the casino’s website. You usually have to sign up for these about an hour before they start. Don’t sign up for a tournament unless you feel you’re good enough.

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