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A look inside the mind of a poker player

Everyone enjoys a hand of poker.  Whether it’s playing a friendly game with your friends for pennies or a more serious one online at a site like Betfair Casino UK, there’s a lot of fun to be had in playing your hand like a pro and getting just the right card in the flop.

But what about the serious players, the pros, what makes them different from the guys who just enjoy a quick game sitting round the table?

Well, unsurprisingly, it’s in their attitude but it’s also reflected in how they view the game. The serious players won’t do something obvious like sigh or look worried when they pick up a bad card, they’ll look exactly as calm and confident as they did when they were sure they had a straight coming out.

You’ve probably heard of a poker face before but the real deal is an impressive feat of self-control and there aren’t many players who can claim to have a perfect one. Which is the other side of this, being able to read your opponent and tell what they’re thinking because their emotions are on display every time a new card comes out. The other thing you need is a good head for maths, keeping your head and knowing what the odds are of your hand being the strongest for the round. We’ve got a little animation below that’ll make things clearer.

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