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Where Are You In Poker, Right Now

Today in the world of poker I wanted to just sit you down and have a causal lesson. No, I’m not going to beat you up too much. You might expect that after looking at the post title. However, I assure you that this isn’t my intention. I just want you to face the reality of your poker game right here, right now. If you’re someone that is trying to make big waves in poker, your first thought might be that you have to hit everything hard and heavy.

But that isn’t the right thing to do at all. You need to step back and actually think about the type of strategy that you have. What are you playing like? Are you super tight, to the point where you’re a rock? Or, like many newbies, are you just playing any type of hand that looks good? If you’re someone that isn’t looking at the bigger picture, you could end up getting left behind in a way that slows you down for the long run.

world of pokerYou have to think about where you’re at in the world of poke at this very moment. Far too many newcomers to the world of poker are so convinced that they need to be Doyle Brunson’s level. That’s just not a wise way to look at things. Doyle has been playing poker for decades. He’s made his share of mistakes. But he puts a lot of time and effort into the game of poker and that’s not something that you can just fake. That’s not something that you can manufacture in a short time. You ever have that type of persistence, or you don’t. But being impatient is something that you really want to avoid if you can help it. There are just too many reasons to push forward and keep going through with whatever you had in mind to begin with. Give yourself a break.

Knowing where you are right now also means knowing where you are emotionally. Some people are playing poker when they should be working through their issues with a therapist. It never fails to amaze me how people think that they can just coast through life without thinking about how they see themselves. If you’re so used to thinking about how everyone feels but you, it’s time to start a revolution. Focus on yourself. It’s not the end of the world that your child has to wait on you every now and then, it’s  your spouse may need to let you have more time to yourself. But the reality is that if you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders into the casino, you’re going to get eaten alive. I can always tell when players are getting way too emotional about things. It just doesn’t end well for anyone.

Leave your feelings at the door. This is poker, and it’s definitely war.

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