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What Can You Learn from Recorded Online Poker Video Sessions by the Pros?

Most people will not watch the videos that professionals recorded of them playing online. This can be a really bad thing since it is an experience that you should seriously analyze. A professional or a cash game player that is really successful will always know what to do in order to make money at the poker table. Any session that seems him play will give you a very good insight on what needs to be done in order to achieve success. In addition, most of these videos will also feature commentary and the pro will explain some of the decisions that have been done. You can basically get inside the head of the poker pro.

There are many different things that can be learned by watching a recorded online poker video session. The first thing is that you can see how to react in a specific situation. Keep in mind that the professional is going to explain exactly why a decision was taken. You can thus learn a lot from the importance of position to how to bluff.

Online Poker Video Sessions

Pros will have a much more advanced view of the game and when you watch a session of them playing live, you can see what you need to get to. These videos are not going to help beginners. In fact, there is a very strong chance that beginner players are going to end up with problems and they might even damage the poker game that they had till then. Even with the pro explaining the decisions, it might still be too advanced for a beginner to properly digest. In most cases a professional video that is offered to a beginner will have the effect of increasing the looseness used when playing. This is something that is not necessarily good unless you know how to control it properly.

The last thing that should be mentioned is that you can find a really good strategy in a video that shows a professional playing the game that you want to improve. What is important is to look at the game and see everything that is done. It is crucial that the explanation of the move is understood and that you never neglect the fact that you are looking at a professional player. If you understand why he is doing some of the moves, you are going to be really successful at this game. Look at as many pros as possible and try to find your own style.

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