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Top Strategies Which Work for Any Online Poker Player

Despite all of its various legal issues, people are going in droves to online poker.  Whether you are a seasoned player, a beginner or an intermediary, you always want to work on your game so you increase your chances of winning.  Without a good game plan as well as practice, you are bound to be outplayed by others who are happy to take your money.  Your strategy for playing the game, combined with the right poker tools, practice and luck will have you playing a superb game of online poker in no time. So, h here are some helpful tips to help get to superiority.

Be patient and play tight:  Simply put, playing tight means being cheap with your cards, and that is the best advice anyone can give a poker player who has just started learning.  Statistics is the name of the game, so if you have a good hand at the beginning of the game, your chances of winning are high; if, of course, you play your cards right.  If you get a hand which holds cards like A-A, K-K, Q-Q, this is considered to be a really good hand, so don’t blow it.  When you ‘play tight’ you get the option of holding on to your cards or folding every time a new round begins.  The longer you hold onto a good hand, the higher your chances are of winning.

Be alert to your position:  In a game of poker you have to be focused, have a good memory and have the ability to bluff, thus comes the term “poker face”.  If you act last, you will have a better chance of winning because you get to watch how other players are reacting to their hands, and what they are betting.  This gives you an idea as to how you should continue to play.  You should play most of your hands when you are in a late position and pass on your early positions.

Pay attention to your drawing hands:  A drawing hand means the card you need to pull in order to get the combination you need to win, like a flush, a straight or a full house.  You have to know what cards you are missing and what your chances are of pulling those cards.  For instance, if you had 3-4-5-6, your chances of pulling a straight are more than a hand with 4-6-7-8 because in order for a straight in this case you would have to pull ONLY a 5.  With a 3-4-5-6 you have a better chance of pulling a 2 or 7.  When you know your odds making the decision to fold or not becomes a lot easier.

And that is all folks.  If you follow these rules, you are sure to make more money than you lose in poker.  Do not ever say that you are a bad poker player.  It is true that luck does play a part in the game, but it is statistics that decide whether you are a winning poker player or a losing poker player.  There are an absolute number of chances of whether or not you can win with the hand that is dealt and luck does not change that number.  If you practice, you will become a better poker player; no advice can replace that of practice.  Practicing improves your feel for the game, sharpening your instincts and leading you to more and more victories.

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