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The Big Hand

Many Texas Hold Em players like to play for the Big Hands, the ones that they’ve heard about, read about, or seen on TV.

One of the biggest hands around is the Big Slick, which consists of an Ace and a King. This hand can be very powerful because it might be the beginnings of a suit. It is certainly a lot of points on the table but it doesn’t guarantee victory.

The Ace King combination can be beat any number of ways. For example, by a pair, even a lowly pair of twos. A straight, a straight, a flush and a Royal flush can all beat the Ace King particularly if the community card can be used to make the Flush or straight work.

The Big Slick can be particularly damaging to you if it’s showing. The other players will see it and have a reason to fold early. You obviously don’t want that, you want the Ace or the King in the hole so they’ll keep betting. Watch the community cards in particular because it’s possible for anybody to create a flush or a straight to beat you.

Simply having the ace king isn’t always going to help you win the hand. You will have to have something to help you in most cases. A good combination is Ace/King with a low pair. That doesn’t look like much of a threat so the other players will stay in the game. An even better combo is Ace or King in the hole.

When you do have an Ace or a King, it’s a good idea to bet high because other players will think you have something. If they have a weak hand, they may fold especially if they think you have the Big Slick. Bluffing when you have an Ace or a King showing is always easy.

Such a bluff is a good basic play for newbies because it’s simple and easy to pull off. Experienced players will probably see through this but average players often fall for it.

Raising when you have an Ace or king showing can push others out especially if you normally don’t make aggressive moves.

When you see another player get an Ace or a king, get leery. That could be a sign that they could have the Big Slick especially if they start playing aggressively and betting high when they have it. You should also be careful because that’s a classic Texas Hold Em bluff.

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