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The 4 Biggest Online Poker Tells

Despite poker being played online and players not being able to see other players body language and look for traditional tells there are still some dead giveaways to look for.

These are the four biggest online poker tells to look out for:


Chatting excessively is a sure fire tell that the player is not very good. Often bad players will come into a game and constantly insist on telling people either why they’ve folded or what it was they folded – pretty much trying to replicate what they have seen the professionals do on TV. If you see these types of players it’s a pretty safe assumption that they aren’t very good – anyone who spends that much typing shows they aren’t concentrating on the game as much as they could.

Online Poker TellsResponse Speed

Be on the lookout for players who take a long time to respond and then simply check, this is a big tell that the player is holding pretty weak cards. Make sure also that you are aware of this in your own game play and do not do the same thing.


These players are obvious to stop, they are constantly calling all-in and raising obscene amounts, despite the strength of their hand. To stop these players though all you have to do is wait for a particularly good hand and then call their all in.

The Limper

The Limper is the opposite of a maniac. They hate spending their chips unless they have a near perfect hand and will constantly try to see every hand for free. They are easily spotted as they will always fold as soon as the betting starts unless they have a great hand.

You can use this tell to your advantage – simply fold (unless you have a really great hand) as soon as the Limper begins to bet because you can be sure they have a good hand.

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