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Poker Tournaments

Most serious poker players will want to test their skill in a poker tournament sooner or later.

After all, you want to see how good you are; are you good enough to play with the pros or maybe even make it to the World Series of Poker someday? The only way to tell this is to play in a poker tournament usually held at a casino.

Most large casinos hold some sort of poker tournament, usually a No Limit Hold Em tournament everyday. If Hold Em isn’t your game, many casinos hold Omaha Hi Lo and other tournaments on a regular basis. You should be able to find out about tournament information of the casino’s website or poker websites.

The first and most important thing you should remember about a poker tournament is that you should be comfortable there. If you get really nervous or uncomfortable, don’t play in the tournament because it’ll affect your play and you’ll loose. Don’t even think about tournament play until you’ve gotten real comfortable playing poker and have confidence in your abilities.

Learn the rules and regulations of tournament play and the game you’re playing before you go to the tournament. A good way to prepare for a tournament is to play in some online poker tournaments so you’ll be familiar with the basics of tournament play. Make sure you know the rules and regulations of the tournament before you sit down to play. Remember; if you’re unsure about something ask about it before you start playing.

Don’t get involved in a poker tournament if you can’t afford it. Ask yourself if you can afford to loose big in the tournament if you have to ask yourself that question you probably can’t afford to play in the tournament.

Try not to look like too much of an amateur while you’re at the tournament. Don’t change positions during the tournament, don’t sit next to the dealer, only go to the bathroom during breaks and don’t talk too much. In particular, try not to get sucked into conversations with other players. Don’t drink alcohol during the tournament and don’t eat you’re there to play cards not to eat and drink. Keep yourself sharp and concentrate on the tournament.

The main thing to remember about a poker tournament is this: have fun. If you’re not having fun playing in the tournament you won’t do good and you don’t belong there.

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