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Poker Freerolls

Online poker has become extremely popular due to the fact that people can win thousands or even millions of dollars by playing it.  This is especially the case with texas holdem poker where multi-million dollar tournaments are held on a regular basis.  Of course, to compete for this kind of money, you’ll also have to risk lots of money as well and have a good poker strategy.  That is unless you play in poker freerolls…

Poker freerolls are just like they sound in that you don’t have to pay cash to enter them.  However, some freerolls require you to use frequent player points to enter while the majority of them are totally free to the first entrants.  Some freerolls are even offered to players upon signing up as an incentive to get them to deposit money.

It’s important to note which kind of freeroll you enter because the totally free ones will involve more players.  After all, who wouldn’t want to enter a tournament where one has a free opportunity to win cash?  On the other hand, freerolls that require points normally have less players enter because there’s actually some sort of entry fee.

Another thing to note is that most of these tournaments are free texas holdem events.  Sure there are plenty of Omaha tourneys and occasionally some Seven Card Stud freerolls, but the majority are texas holdem events.

As far as prizes go, most poker freerolls offer cash to the top players while some even give out prize packages to major land-based tournaments.  Some of the biggest freeroll tournaments offer $100,000 or more while the prize packages allow people to go to major WSOP and World Poker Tour events.  And this is quite a deal considering the fact that it’s a free poker tournament!

Every online poker room offers freerolls so they’re not that tough to find.  All you need to do is pick a poker room, sign up, and start searching the lobby for freeroll tournaments.

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