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Playing Online Poker: Selecting The Best Sites

If you are into online poker playing, then finding the right website is essential.  This is especially if you play for large amounts of cash; you definitely want to find an online poker room that will deal honest hands when you need it the most.  Some websites deal hands that trap a player into consistent loses, that is why knowing where to go online for a good poker game is essential.

An exceptional site to visit is, “Paradise Poker”, or the “World’s Premier Online Card Room”, as it is known to many.  You will always find exciting games with high stakes active on this site.  Some reviews have called this site one of the most pleasant in its range; its pages are not full of unnecessary icons that distract a player from the game, but have an attractive setting.  PriceWaterhouse Coopers, a well known company produces shuffle card reviews for this site, so that you are not unfairly duped for your money.

Another great online poker room to visit is “Poker Stars”.  Enter this site and you will always find large tournaments open to the public.  The graphics on the site are more cluttered than with “Paradise Poker”, but you will find enjoyable programming available on the site.  This is a popular free-roller site.

Some of the smaller sites that do not have the extraordinary cash back up have celebrity status as their main appeal.  “Ultimate Bet” is one of those sites which have great poker players like Russ Hamilton, Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke as regulars on their site.  On this site you can play multiple tables by minimizing your gaming screen.

One reliable site which is connect with the ‘Hilton Group’ is “Ladbrokes”.  This site sponsors a European tournament on a yearly basis.  However, US players are not allowed to enter in the Ladbrokes Poker Tournament.  The software used on the site is nothing exceptional but offers great online poker entertainment.

If you are into multi-table tournaments like Texas Hold’em, or 7 Card Stud, the “Poker Room” is the site for you.  You will find a collection of casino games online without having to download anything onto your computer.  If you do not want to play with real money, you can play a free roll with play money, stretching into tournaments.

One website that combines 21 poker sites is “Prima Poker”.  It is a collection of sites with a brief wait time before a game is actually available.  They collect their players from 21 sites and for this, you are always sure to find a game up and running.

Another great one is “Full Tilt”.  The graphics on the site are more suited for a child’s game than a poker match but the site offers respectable games.  It is a fun site that has earned its right to brag by the team it has compiled.  ‘Team Full Tilt” has some of poker’s best players on board, including: Chris Ferguson, Phil Ivey, Eril Seidel and Jennifer Harman.

A new online poker site is “Hollywood Poker”, and it is proving to be a notable one.  One of this site’s perks is the ability to play alongside Hollywood actors such as James Woods, the website’s official spokesperson.  The graphics on the site are not out of the ordinary but they give the player numerous options in order to maximize their online poker experience.

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