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The odds of winning £1 Million on a game

Going from £10 to £1 Million is something that, realistically, is just not going to happen in a single night. No matter how smart you play your bets, multiplying your money by such an enormous amount is going to be incredibly unlikely. BUT! It’s not actually impossible. You could get lucky playing the lottery, maybe you’d buy a share that suddenly skyrocketed or you could play casino on Paddy Power! The casino one is the focus of this infographic which breaks down the odds of you making a million if you start from £10 so if you ever do decide to try and make a million you know the odds against you.

In order to get the odds and the million as quickly and easily as possible, the odds are assuming you take a reasonably certain bet each time and that you always put all of your chips on a bet. It’s worth mentioning that most table games will have a limit on what you can bet so this may not work in practical terms but the maths should hold regardless. Also worth mentioning, different casinos will have different pay outs so maybe take the results with a pinch of salt.

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