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Low Limit vs. High Limit

One of the biggest choices to make when deciding on a table to play your favorite online casino game is whether you will choose to play a low-limit or high-limit version of the game.

The difference between low-limit and high-limit online casino games is the amount of money that is bet on each turn, but there are other factors that get introduced when playing these games, such as the types of players that these casino games attract.

Different Limits for Different Online Casino Players

High and no-limit casino games offer the possibility of playing with and winning more money. As such, these tables will attract professional and skilled players, along with players with large bankrolls or simply the desire to play with larger sums of money in the online casino.

Low-limit casino games on the other hand, which offer the security of lower pot sizes, tend to attract players that are either new to the game or simply play games as a form of entertainment and have less of a concern for winning a large payout and playing with higher amounts.

Types of Low and High-Limit Online Casino Players

While there are an unlimited number of styles of play, the players in low and high-limit online casino games usually fall into four categories: loose-passive, loose-aggressive, tight-passive and tight-aggressive. Knowing the differences between these will help online casino players to decide how best to proceed once they have identified the types of players at their table, while also helping them to realize their own style of play.

Loose-passive players usually buy in to any hand, simply to see what the possibilities are. Whether their opening hand is good or bad, they would rather lose a few bets here and there than to not be included in the online casino game itself. While they become involved in most hands, they also seldom raise any bets that occur. Playing the casino game itself becomes more important than in chasing a win, even when good fortune and good cards do occur.

Loose-aggressive players, like loose-passive, become involved in most hands. The most important aspect of the game to them is actually playing at the online casino. At the same time, they often raise the stakes, regardless of the whether the quality of their hands is good or bad. Bluffing and playing recklessly are common characteristics of a loose-aggressive player, making it difficult to judge their plays.

Tight-passive players rarely enter into hands, often only playing when exceptional cards and opportunities present themselves. Once in however, they seldom raise bets, even if they are holding good cards. Tight-passive players often drop out of hands at the slightest chance of a loss. Due to their style of play, tight-passive online casino players rarely bluff, as the bluff would appear completely different from his or her usual betting style and not fool anyone.

Tight-aggressive players only enter hands that offer good possibilities, but will chase wins and raise when they can. They will sometimes bluff, mimicking their betting style, but not often.

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