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Few key things you should be thinking about when betting on football

Apart from horse racing, football is the the biggest betting sport in the UK today. It’s obvious to see why football holds this share of the market, due to the devoted following of fans up and down the country/World and the excitement and coverage of popular English leagues (Premier League and Championship)…not to mention the increased coverage of top flight European football.

If you’re new to betting on football the number of markets available can certainly be daunting. However, the guys over at Oddschanger provide daily betting tips for football matches so that you’re able to place informed bets and begin to learn the markets.

For someone starting out in betting there are a few key things you should be thinking about that will help you on your way. Firstly don’t rush things. Nowadays there are things to bet on 24 hours a day from many different countries worldwide, so don’t think to yourself you have to start betting as soon as you can. Read all the information you can, and understand it before you start.
Hopefully after reading all the info you will be in a position where you have all the necessary things to start betting for profit:

– a betting bank.
– staking plan.
– spreadsheet for recording results.
– bookmakers account (I highly recommend betolimp where new players will get a 100% deposit bonus to start playing with).
– a system or method.
– and finally some selections to bet on.

Just by following the 6 simple steps above you will find that you are in a much more organised state than the vast majority of punters out there, and not just that, your bankroll will be much safer, more profitable in the long run and you will also find yourself picking up good habits in betting – such as discipline and patience. whilst without those 6 simple steps the vast majority of punters will fail to profit.

In this article i will attempt to share my knowledge, both my own views and what i have learnt, in the hope that some people may learn something.

The mentality of successful betting

First up – the mentality of successful betting, this is one major factor in betting, and perhaps one of the most important factors that incorporates the following elements:

Patience – Good runs, bad runs, stagnation periods – all part of betting, but these are just short term periods. Your only goal in whatever you do (betting in this case) is long term success. The amount of times I have seen people give up betting after a month or so during a bad run of results far outweighs the people who have stuck around during the good / bad periods, and it doesn’t take a genius to work out which ones have profited the most long term. I don’t know if a person can learn patience or not, but if you are buying into the idea of a ‘get rich scheme’ with betting you will be disappointed.

Discipline – Systems / staking plans, both these key aspects are betting rules ‘set in stone’, you do what they say no matter what your personal opinion is, you need the discipline to do things that you may not like to do, but in the end know will help out in the long run. You need the discipline not to flutter your bankroll away on bets that you know are stupid, the discipline to keep accurate records no matter how boring spreadsheets are. The list goes on, but I will keep it short, as the results of a lack of discipline can seriously damage your profitability.

Confidence – This may effect some more than others, but IMO you should always believe and have confidence in what you are doing, the old saying of ‘if you don’t believe you have what it takes – you are probably right. If you do think you have what it takes – again you are probably right’. So if you are one of those people who thinks gambling is a mugs game where only the bookies win, or losing £££ for fun is justified for a bit of fun, then that’s your prerogative. If however you go in with the view that making money from betting is possible – then read on.

Balls – There are some times when your testicular fortitude may come into question, a card game where your gut instinct and reasoning tells you to call an all in which you are certain is a bluff, you know the call is the play, but do you have the balls to put your tournament on the line? Or do you take the ‘wrong’ easy option of a fold? Sometimes it takes balls and confidence to do the right thing.

Realistic – You must be realistic in betting. The amount of times I have heard people attribute winning to skill and losing to bad luck is something that angers me, everything you do is a result of ‘you’ the word ‘luck’ should be erased from your mental dictionary – it doesn’t exist, only statistical abnormalities and low percentage outs exist, not luck. Be realistic with your aims, if you know you only have the means to be a £2 punter then that’s fine – never, ever, overstretch yourself.If you know you can beat the $5 STT’s don’t assume the same for the $50 MTT’s. Take responsibility for everything you do.

Open minded – You can learn something from everybody, so take advantage of this, it is the one thing that will improve yourself the most. But all the time make sure you are taking the right advice. Whilst I will never deny anyone there own opinion sometimes the closed minded defensive approach annoys me, as how can anyone develop / improve whilst holding there fingers in there ears shouting ‘LA LA LA NOT LISTENING’. There is always someone out there who knows more on a certain subject than you do / or has different ideas on things, so listen to those ideas –  take them in and improve yourself.

Good Luck

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