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Key skills for good poker players

A lot of people wonder what it takes to be a good poker player. Well, there are a lot of things that will help you win, but it seems like the best poker players are the ones who have mastered these skills. If you focus on these four things, you will see yourself winning more games and losing a LOT less money.

First, do the math. Poker is all about math and numbers. Got pocket aces? Of course you don’t WANT to fold them’ but what are your real odds of winning? What are the odds that your weak hand will turn into a flush? What are the odds that your opponent has three of a kind to your two-pair?  Math plays a huge part, so start playing the odds,  and stop gambling!

Know your opponents
! A good poker player is not a self-focused poker player. A poker pro wants to pay attention to the players sitting across from him. If they have a good hand, he wants to know. If they are bluffing, he wants to know. The more focused you are on the other players, the better off you will be.

Be disciplined! A good poker player does not gamble on that pair they have when there is a very, VERY good chance that someone may have a straight. Know when to run away. Seriously, going all the way on every pot is going to get you broke faster than anything. Only play the hands that you have good odds at winning.

Balance risk and reward
. Just like an investor, a poker player may need to take risks’ but like a SUCCESSFUL investor, a good poker player will also weigh the benefits and see if they are worth the risk. For example, a good poker player might take a bigger risk on a huge pot, but pass on the huge raise if the pot is too small to really matter.

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