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In Praise of Poker Practice

We wanted to put out a quick note to basically encourage people to play more poker. If you feel like you’ve been taking a real beating when it comes to poker, you’re not the only one. Downswings happen. Sometimes donks get lucky. Sometimes bingo players get lucky. Maybe you’re letting the stress of your regular life really take a hit on your gameplay. This isn’t a good idea, but we have to admit that we suffer from the same problem from time to time.

You might want to run away from poker and never look back. Should you? Not always. Sometimes all you need is a little practice.

Want to know a secret? There’s a reason why most online casinos offer free poker play. They know that people need to keep their skills sharp, connect with other people, and make better plays without having their bankroll on the line with each and every hand. If you’re not practicing as much as you know that you should, you are probably worried about losing money. Yet if you were to turn to playing on your own without all of the fear, you might find yourself sliding into better strategy.

Poker PracticePoker is not something that will always come easy. Think about it — if it were really that easy, everyone would already be doing it. Don’t get sucked into thinking that poker is like what you see on TV. That’s edited to make it much more appealing. The real life poker games can be exhausting, because you’re going to be concentrating so much.

Sure, there is a time and a place to take breaks from poker. We have taken poker breaks and came back feeling refreshed. But you might want to try going with a practice game or tow to get the feel of playing poker without feeling like you have to be stuck watching your bankroll drain away from you.

So yes, you should make sure that you’re practicing good poker as much as you can. Why not start now, while it’s till on your mind? Good luck!

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