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How to Bet at Caribbean Stud Poker

While it is possible to avoid bad Caribbean stud poker bets, most poker experts feel that despite the strategy, it is impossible to come out ahead in this game over a long period of time. If you decide to give this game a try, there are some guidelines to remember in order to stay away from Caribbean stud’s worst bets.

While starting the ante bet, always put down a bet that is equal to the poker table’s minimum. And stick to $1 chips when the amount of the progressive jackpot is greater than $263,228. If your hand is lower than a King high, Ace and no pairs, it is usually best to fold unless you are holding the same card as the dealer’s face-up card; in this instance, you should call. Also call if you at least have one pair.

Caribbean Stud Poker

When it comes to the House advantage concerning the ante bet, the advantage is 5.22 percent. While the House advantage will vary depending on the progressive jackpot, many times it can be almost 29 percent and this is a big advantage for the casino. When the jackpot reaches $263,228, the table limits increase. Remember, you can only put down $1 bets if you participated in the game’s ante bet. And even if there is an increase in the table’s limits, you still have to bet twice the ante to engage in full play. So if you pay $30 per hand, you could very easily lose a few hundred dollars within in an hour in hopes of getting the progressive jackpot. For this reason, many players do not think of the progressive jackpot as a real bet.

In order to not engage in bad Caribbean stud poker bets, do not place the $1 bet for a progressive jackpot game. This bet is known to be a horrible casino bet. This poker game’s payout structure for progressive jackpots is:

* 649,740-1 for Royal Flushes
* 64,973-1 for Straight Flushes
* 4,164-1 for Four of a Kinds
* 693-1 for Full Houses
* 508-1 for Flushes.

So if you want to win any bonus money, you need at least a flush. Consider the probability of winning. The odds of getting a flush mean that you have the possibility of landing one with each 508 hands. Flushes usually have a $50 payout so you would need to invest a ton of money and time to win. Although you never know when you might get lucky, luck is simply not enough to carry you to a huge win.

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