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How do you test online casinos for smartphones and tablets

In a recent casino players forum at an open source gaming network, one question stuck with me long after the event. The question asked by a 27-year-old slots enthusiast was reference online casinos and how they get tested for smartphones and tablets. There are two answers to this question; the first is that the lab work, coding, software development, payout criteria and usability factors get looked at by boffins.  The second is that the players themselves can pass judgement by playing casino on their iPad, iPhone, Android device or Windows handset. It is the second answer I gave him, let me explain why.

No one knows an online casino as well as the experts, and the experts are the players. The ones who wager the real money, the ones who commit themselves to membership and the ones who know what looks good on your iPad or Android tablet. It was at this point that I told them about Slotsquad, a review portal for online slots and casinos operated by players with experience and history, players who know the game. Slotsquad isn’t one of those super portals that compare a thousand mobile casino sites; it’s a small portal that has found the best mobile sites long after comparison. Online casinos get tested for smartphones and tablets using player knowledge gained through years of experience, just like the people at Slotsquad.

online casinos for smartphones

Users don’t want to know how much data it takes to spin the roulette wheel on their iPhone; they just want to know it spins fast. Players don’t need to know about resolution mathematics; they just want a casino that looks astonishingly good on their Android tablet display. The Slot Squad has shortlisted slot sites and betting apps for mobile that come in the shape of casinos that work well for smartphones and tablets. Player’s can view the best casino operators tested for mobile at to see some of the most popular mobile casinos currently in existence.

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