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Explode Your Potential Winnings with Progressive Jackpot Video Poker

If you play slot games regularly in a casino online, then it comes without saying that you can enjoy and appreciate a good progressive jackpot. These are jackpots that only grow larger and larger the longer people go without winning one of them. If we carry this concept over to the world of video poker, it doesn’t take much to see that the potential to win big is truly incredible. Progressive video poker games will add money to their jackpots as players continue to play the game. The jackpot is usually reserved for hitting the royal flush, but not always.

There’s another reason to check out this style of video poker: the house edge goes down as the jackpot goes up. There are some changes that you’ll need to consider in order to be successful with this type of video poker. You’ll need to have a larger bankroll compared to non-progressive play, because the variance of the game has changed. The royal flush is worth more, so you must put in more credits to make the gameplay pay off.

Timing is also very important, because you want to wait for the progressive jackpot to get to a certain point. Usually 6,000 credits or better is a good time to look at progressive video poker games.

You’re going to want to give yourself a lot more time to play this type of video poker. Settle in online with your laptop — while you could use your mobile phone, it makes more sense to play this one on the computer. If you have a tablet that you would prefer to use, that would be fine as well.

You aren’t going to play progressive video poker the way you play the normal stuff. A strategy app that can track your play strategy is worth its weight in gold. This may not be something for the small stakes player to invest in, but someone that’s looking at contributing a sizeable bankroll to this pursuit should consider making the investment.

Learning proper strategy isn’t something that’s nice to do; it’s utterly required, necessary, and vital to your success. You cannot just “wing” video poker. You absolutely cannot just “wing” progressive video poker either. This will end up giving the house the advantage and put you at terrible odds. If you don’t want to develop better strategy over time, go back to slots, bingo, or scratch cards. That’s better than losing money when you don’t need to do so, simply because you didn’t make the time to learn the right strategy.

There are entire thick books devoted to video poker strategy at large. We’re not saying you must live at the library but give yourself time to really learn these tips and strategies before you commit too much money to the video poker cause. Once you feel that you some of the intermediate strategies memorized, you’ll want to test your skills on the free video poker before you start committing real money to the challenge. And it is going to be a challenge, because there’s a lot of technique involved here. Yet if you really commit to improving your video poker skills, you’ll have a chance to win good money without a high house edge.

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