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Casino Game Histories and Origins

Take a quick browse at one of the best online casino sites available today, and you’ll be met with hundreds and hundreds of slot, jackpot and table games to choose from. These virtual casino games may look brand-spanking new with their modern 3D graphics, snazzy soundtracks and abundant extra bonus features, but many have long histories that stretch back centuries ago.

In fact, all of today’s online slots have evolved from a single, famous gambling machine first spun over 130 years ago now. And if you think that’s a long time, wait until you hear that different versions of blackjack and roulette have been played for well over 200 years(!), during which time they have evolved in various locations across the globe to become the staple casino games we know and love today.

Indeed, the histories of today’s most popular casino games aren’t just long, but rich and interesting. Who knew, for instance, that Satin himself once controlled the outcomes at the roulette table? Or that, at one point in time, slot machines were little more than chewing gum dispensers? And who wouldn’t be left wondering at the mysteries of blackjack’s past?

Knowing the stories behind the games you play today will not necessarily make you are luckier. But we bet your playtime will be a whole lot more satisfying when you feel connected to a long line of plucky hopefuls that have played before you all over the world. That’s why we’ve put together a summary of the histories and origins of some of the most popular games you can find widely available to play online today.

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