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A Closer Look at the ISPT – Check It Out!

If you’re curious about some of the poker tours about to hit in 2013, you have to check out the International Stadiums Poker Tour. This is an interesting poker tournament because it combines online and offline play.

Let’s start with the online part.

You have 30,000 players from all around the world set to compete against each other. The torment takes place from May 31st to June 6th 2013.

The online part comes with a 600 EURO buy in, plus 1 rebuy and 1 add-on (double). This gets you 5000 starting chips and you will have to come with their on laptop. Yes, that’s right — you’re going to be traveling to London to compete at the stadium itself. You will sit in the stadium stands and compete on your own computer.

International Stadiums Poker TourThe second stage brings together the 34,000 best poker players around real tables set up on the lawn of the stadium. These people compete for the ISPT trophy. There’s a 20 million EURO Prize Pool to share between the best poker players.

That’s an incredible prize pool, and it means that all of the world’s best players are definitely going to be getting into this event. If you think that you’re good enough, remember… 600 Euros puts you in the game.

Prepping for a live event like this is a definite must. You want to make sure that you definitely leave ahead of schedule and secure all of your transportation and housing needs in order to have no stress when you land.

No pressure or anything, but this is also going to be televised across 6 channels. If you’re really good, winning something like this could cement your place in poker history for a long time — well, until the next super poker player comes out, anyway!

What do you think? Do you feel that you’re ready for this type of event? Do you think that you need more time before you jump into big time events like this? Feel free to sound off in the comments, we’re definitely listening!

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