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3 Tips to Getting Big Cash Out of Poker Knockout Tournaments

Building up your money stash at a casino isn’t always a matter of working harder. If you play the right tournaments, all you have to do is work more efficiently.

Not sure what a knockout tournament brings to the table? No problem. This hot tournament variant actually gives you a cash prize for every single person that you knock out of the tournament. It’s showing up in multiple places around the web, which gives you plenty of chances to score big. You can get 20-50% of someone’s buy-in when you knock them out, but don’t go overboard. You can easily overcompensate to the point where you’re not able to knock anyone out. Staying focused in this tournament is very important, as you’ll see from the tips below.

1. Take Advantage of Loose Players

Look, it’s cool to play with “technical” poker players. When your opponents have a good understanding of odds, implied odds, and even reverse implied odds, the game gets interesting. But that’s not the average player that’ll be interested in a tournament like this. You’ll get a lot of newbies or just people that play for the fun of it. Don’t ruin their fun. Don’t chew them out. Just let them play. You might see some wacky all in bets that just don’t make any sense to you. Try to get an accurate picture of everyone at the table before you do anything silly.

Poker Knockout Tournaments

2. Keep Your Chips Up

If you want to knock someone out, you need to make sure that you actually have more chips than they do. Keep your aggression up, especially after you know that you’re in the money.

3. Finishing in the Money Still Matters

Don’t let the knockout aspect take you away from where the big money really lives. You still need to make sure that you’re thinking about capturing a seat at the top places, because that’s where you’ll make most of the money that you wish to make.

All of the standard poker rules still apply. Don’t get sucked into other people’s games. You have to control your image, and make sure that you adjust. A lot of the loose play at the beginning will die down when the other players realize that they are indeed in the money. Now it’s just a matter of jockeying for as high of a position as you can take.

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