5 Tips for beating Small Stakes No Limit Holdem

As I journey through the small stakes no limit holdem world, I see the same things occurring frequently. I have noted areas where I have seen mistakes made by the weaker players but also the regulars, so not only are these tips for people who want to graduate from micro stakes to small stakes but it also works as a lessons learnt summary for people currently playing small stakes.

1. An Instant snap bet on the river (usually pot sized) is the majority of the time a sign of extreme strength. This may be a re-raise all in or a big bet when you have bet the flop and turn and then check the river out of position,. Top pair top kicker is no longer good here. The only time you should be calling here is if you have a read on your opponent that he will bluff/bet on the river when checked to when you are trying to trap.

2. A double barrel stab by certain opponents on the turn and river once you bet the flop and check/call the turn is again a sign of extreme strength. Top pair top kicker is very rarely good here. The opponent types to look out for are either fish/bad players or regulars who play extremely face up on the flop. In other words regulars who like to showdown top pair hands and bet their monsters and who rarely bluff. Use your Holdem manager stats to check their float/steal percentages. If its less than 50%, then you can safely say when they double barrel stab the turn and river they have a very strong holding.