Win at Video Poker

Video poker is probably the most popular casino games around; it is even more common than slot machines. Each day, millions of people put coins into video poker machines and wonder how they can win at the game.

There is no guaranteed method of winning, but there some ways to improve your odds at video poker. Just improving the odds a little can help you take a few more coins home from your night or afternoon of gambling.

The most obvious tip for video poker players is to get to know the machine that they’re playing. Try and play the same machine or make of machine as much as possible. Get to know the machine, learn its quarks and get to anticipate its strategy. Remember video poker machines are computers and computers are stupid they do the same thing over and over again. If you can anticipate what the machine is going to do, you can beat it.

The way to get to know the machine is to play a lot of video poker. Obviously, this can be expensive at the casino. So prepare for your gambling by playing poker at home on your computer. There are lots of great video poker programs out there so find one that’s similar to the video poker machines you usually play, and play it as much as possible. That way you’ll be used to playing a game similar to those at your favorite gambling spot.

Even if you can’t find a poker game or program similar to what you usually play, you can still get in practice. Practice on a similar game will improve your skills and get you into the poker mindset.

There are some strategies that can you improve play at the casino or gambling hall as well. One is to put the maximum amount of coins allowed in the machine. You do this because payout is based upon the amount of coins you put in. The more coins you add, the more the machine pays you.

A great way to make your coins go farther is to find the cheaper machines and play them. That way you can afford to play the maximum as much as possible.

Always have a limit when you play video poker and only bring a certain amount of money; bet that money and nothing else. A good way to do this is to bring several rolls of coins or a jar of coins from home. When the coins run out, it’s time to quit. Don’t use your credit card to get more coins. Go home or quit and do something like eat dinner when you hit your limit.

Another tip: never press your luck; if you hit big, quit. The odds are against you winning another jackpot so just walk away.

Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker, which is also known as Caribbean Poker or Casino Five Card Stud Poker, is a casino table game that’s been popping up online regularly.

The main thing players should remember about Caribbean Stud Poker is that it is a house game. This means that the cards are dealt by a dealer and the house controls the rules and the odds. The house’s decisions about the outcome of the game is always final in Caribbean Stud Poker. Caribbean Stud Poker is not a real poker game like Texas Hold Em or Omaha Hi Lo. That’s why you won’t find Caribbean Stud Poker at serious poker rooms like Poker Stars.

Even though it’s not really poker, Caribbean Stud Poker can be a lot of fun to play. It’s a great way to pass some time and make a few extra bucks on a cruise or a visit to a local casino. You can sharpen your skills and become proficient at the game by playing online.

The best advice would be to not play Caribbean Stud Poker or Casino Five Stud Poker for money online. Play these games online only for fun online or for practice when you go to the casino.

Playing a few games of Caribbean Stud Poker online will get you ready for the casino. You’ll know a few things about the game and be ready for it when you go in and put your money down.

There are a few things to remember about playing Caribbean Stud. Never reveal your whole card before the bet; that gets your hand thrown out. Don’t bet on multiple hands because that’s against the rules.

The hand to try to get in Caribbean Stud is the Royal Flush because it pays off at 100 to 1. One thing to keep in mind at Caribbean Stud is that it’s a progressive game which means the more points you score, the more money you make. That means you’re playing for the highest hand that you can get just like in Texas Hold Em Poker. When played as a table game, you can increase your bet in Caribbean Stud by putting a ship into the Progressive Payout Meter.

Another thing you should remember about Caribbean Stud Poker is that the dealer or house can win. If the dealer’s hand is better than yours, he beats you. Since all decisions about the outcome of the game are determined by the house, the game is rigged in their favor.

In Europe and the United Kingdom, Caribbean Stud Poker is called Casino Five Card Stud Poker. This game should not be confused with the classic poker game Five Card Stud.

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The Big Hand

Many Texas Hold Em players like to play for the Big Hands, the ones that they’ve heard about, read about, or seen on TV.

One of the biggest hands around is the Big Slick, which consists of an Ace and a King. This hand can be very powerful because it might be the beginnings of a suit. It is certainly a lot of points on the table but it doesn’t guarantee victory.

The Ace King combination can be beat any number of ways. For example, by a pair, even a lowly pair of twos. A straight, a straight, a flush and a Royal flush can all beat the Ace King particularly if the community card can be used to make the Flush or straight work.

The Big Slick can be particularly damaging to you if it’s showing. The other players will see it and have a reason to fold early. You obviously don’t want that, you want the Ace or the King in the hole so they’ll keep betting. Watch the community cards in particular because it’s possible for anybody to create a flush or a straight to beat you.

Simply having the ace king isn’t always going to help you win the hand. You will have to have something to help you in most cases. A good combination is Ace/King with a low pair. That doesn’t look like much of a threat so the other players will stay in the game. An even better combo is Ace or King in the hole.

When you do have an Ace or a King, it’s a good idea to bet high because other players will think you have something. If they have a weak hand, they may fold especially if they think you have the Big Slick. Bluffing when you have an Ace or a King showing is always easy.

Such a bluff is a good basic play for newbies because it’s simple and easy to pull off. Experienced players will probably see through this but average players often fall for it.

Raising when you have an Ace or king showing can push others out especially if you normally don’t make aggressive moves.

When you see another player get an Ace or a king, get leery. That could be a sign that they could have the Big Slick especially if they start playing aggressively and betting high when they have it. You should also be careful because that’s a classic Texas Hold Em bluff.

Texas Hold Em Strategy

The way to win and make money at Texas Hold Em, or any other poker game, is to develop a good basic card playing strategy that works for you and stick to it.

Successful poker players develop a good strategy which works with their personality. An aggressive player, who isn’t afraid to take risks, should probably adopt an aggressive strategy. A passive player, who’s afraid of risks, should adopt a more passive strategy where she takes fewer risks. A player who’s good at bluffing should make the bluff his or her basic tactic. A player who’s good at reading other players and spotting tells should concentrate on that.

Don’t try and adopt a strategy that doesn’t fit in with your personality. This will make you uncomfortable and affect your play. Adopt the strategy that you’re comfortable with and stick with it.

The way to develop your poker strategy is obvious: play a lot of poker. The more familiar you get with the game and your abilities, the more ease you’ll have in developing a strategy. Learn what your strengths and weaknesses are and play to them.

You should learn as much about the game of poker and Texas Hold Em as possible. This means to study the game, watch it on TV, go to poker tournaments or casinos and watch the pros play. Observe what they do and don’t do. See if they do anything that you can do to improve your game.

Augment your knowledge by reading books and taking lessons. Many of the top pros have written great poker books and teach lessons. You can get lessons from the best poker players in the world via DVD and streaming video online. Take advantage of this resource and use it. In particular, look for strategies that you can use in your game.

Test your strategy by playing poker online or at the table with it then think about your results. One way to do this is to take notes, especially if you’re playing online. Write down what you did and especially what you did wrong. Then review your notes and try to see what you did wrong.

Another good idea is to talk about your game with other players if you can find some you trust. If you get the chance, ask a pro if he or she has any advice for you. Be careful here because some card sharks will give you advice designed to make it easier for them to beat you. If they do give you advice, especially criticism, take it to heart.

Always remember that poker is a game of strategy and the person with the best strategy usually goes home with the pot.

Texas Hold Em Basics

The way to learn a card game like Texas Hold Em is to familiarize yourself with the basics of the game. Since Texas Hold Em is now the world’s popular game, learning it will enable you to play poker anywhere.

The first thing you should know about Texas Hold Em or a serious poker game is that there are no wild cards. The jokers are taken out of the deck at the beginning of the game. This makes the game more fun, more challenging and more frustrating especially for new players.

Texas Hold Em is a community card game which means that five of the seven cards dealt are community cards. Anybody can use them to make a straight Flush or pair. This makes the game a lot more fun and introduces a real element of chance to the play.

New cards are dealt each hand and players have a chance to discard or hold what they have. The players say how many cards they want. Then they bet on the hand before moving onto the next hand. Since Texas Hold Em is a variation of Seven Card Stud you get six chances to bid. Players have a choice of betting or folding during each hand. The player with the best hand at the end of the game wins. There are two ways to win in Texas Hold Em; you can either cause every other player to fold or you can have a show down in which person with the highest hand wins.

The highest hand possible in Texas Hold Em is the Royal Flush, Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten of the same suite. It’s called the Royal Flush because it contains all of the face cards. Just below the Royal Flush is the straight Flush which is Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten of different suites. These two hands are high because they are hard to get. You can play hundreds of hours of Hold Em and never see either of these hands.

Right below the Straight Flush is four of a kind which is statistically a very hard hand to get. This hand beats anything but the Royal Flush or the Straight Flush. Below that are three of a kind and two of kind. Naturally the higher the cards that make up the pair or three of a kind the higher the hand.

A good thing about Texas Hold Em is that it is stud poker so it’s similar to the game that most of us are familiar with. A great way to familiarize yourself with Texas Hold Em is to watch it played on TV. Another good way to learn about Texas Hold Em is to play it online.

One thing to remember is don’t bet big or play aggressively until you’ve mastered the basics of Texas Hold Em.

Poker Tournaments

Most serious poker players will want to test their skill in a poker tournament sooner or later.

After all, you want to see how good you are; are you good enough to play with the pros or maybe even make it to the World Series of Poker someday? The only way to tell this is to play in a poker tournament usually held at a casino.

Most large casinos hold some sort of poker tournament, usually a No Limit Hold Em tournament everyday. If Hold Em isn’t your game, many casinos hold Omaha Hi Lo and other tournaments on a regular basis. You should be able to find out about tournament information of the casino’s website or poker websites.

The first and most important thing you should remember about a poker tournament is that you should be comfortable there. If you get really nervous or uncomfortable, don’t play in the tournament because it’ll affect your play and you’ll loose. Don’t even think about tournament play until you’ve gotten real comfortable playing poker and have confidence in your abilities.

Learn the rules and regulations of tournament play and the game you’re playing before you go to the tournament. A good way to prepare for a tournament is to play in some online poker tournaments so you’ll be familiar with the basics of tournament play. Make sure you know the rules and regulations of the tournament before you sit down to play. Remember; if you’re unsure about something ask about it before you start playing.

Don’t get involved in a poker tournament if you can’t afford it. Ask yourself if you can afford to loose big in the tournament if you have to ask yourself that question you probably can’t afford to play in the tournament.

Try not to look like too much of an amateur while you’re at the tournament. Don’t change positions during the tournament, don’t sit next to the dealer, only go to the bathroom during breaks and don’t talk too much. In particular, try not to get sucked into conversations with other players. Don’t drink alcohol during the tournament and don’t eat you’re there to play cards not to eat and drink. Keep yourself sharp and concentrate on the tournament.

The main thing to remember about a poker tournament is this: have fun. If you’re not having fun playing in the tournament you won’t do good and you don’t belong there.

Poker Strategy Online

Poker is always a game of strategy whether it’s played online or at the table. This means that the person with the best strategy usually wins in poker.

Developing an online poker strategy can be tough for a lot of people because they can’t rely on traditional poker tactics. Spotting tells and bluffing often doesn’t work online because people are playing the cards and nothing else. Instead, you’ll have to spot the other players patterns of play.

Once you spot the patterns of play, you can devise a strategy to use against those players. Watch when the other players fold and when they bet and how much they bet. Some players will always try to bluff when they have a decent hand, others will only bet when they have a good hand. If you can spot those patterns, you can figure out when to bet and when to fold.

A really good strategy when playing poker online is to vary your play. To do this you’ll have to figure out what your usual pattern of play is. You can discern your pattern of play by taking notes about how you play. Simply write down when you bet and when you folded it and think about it after the game.

Once you’ve figured out your pattern of play, break it. Occasionally, do something completely out of character. For example, if you normally only bet when you have a good hand, bluff on some lousy hands. If you like to bluff a lot, don’t bluff for a few games. Or, just try to do something out of character in every game.

The reason that you vary your play is that you want to throw the other players off. Remember they’re following your patterns of play and trying to anticipate what you’re going to do. If you do something weird or erratic, you can throw their strategy off and get them guessing about what you’re going to do. This will make it easier for you to bluff or harder for your opponents to spot your bluffs.

Pay close attention to other player’s patterns of play and start devising strategies to use against them. A good way to do this is to write down all the moves the players you normally face online make. Then after the game sit down and figure out what to do against them. This way you can devise an effective internet poker strategy that can put some money in your pocket.