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Tips for Playing Live Three-Card Poker

Poker is an extremely exciting, popular card game that is enjoyed by people around the world. There are countless variations, each with their own rules and strategies, that each adds interesting twists to a very well-known and well-loved game. Played at live casino around the world, poker and all of its variants can be both extremely fun and lucrative, once an individual understands the rules, pay rates and comes up with a strategy to win.

As it is a very fast-paced game that involves having to discern the meaning of the other players’ subtle gestures and facial expressions, figuring out what they aren’t saying as well as what they are, it is absolutely no surprise that it is a game that, when played at a live casino, invites intelligent, perceptive people to play. Poker is a game that relies on skill just as much as luck; which means a player will not end up winning just by chance.

A popular and fast-paced variation is the three card poker variant. Setting it apart from standard poker and lending it a slightly blackjack-like air is the fact that players do not play against each other; rather, they are trying to beat the dealer.

A good player at an online casino will be able to make calculated decisions very quickly and decisively if they want to stand a chance of winning a hand. They must be able to tell if the other players are bluffing or not, that way they know if they stand a chance of beating the dealer- and being able to determine if the dealer is employing the same bluffing strategy or not will be greatly beneficial. Rounds are played very quickly and the payout is always very nice, which is one of the reasons behind its popularity.

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Bluff Your Stack away

One of the most known moves in Poker is the bluff. Each day new players flock to the game of Poker and can´t wait to execute their first bluff. Some players utilize the bluff very often, some not so much and some not at all. There are definitely times to bluff and times to play it straight. I thought I would go over some general thoughts on bluffing. While I am speaking mainly for the benefit of online Poker players, these thoughts will hold true in your home games and the Poker rooms around the world – except point number two. TheCasinoDB are reviewing online casinos on a daily basis and you will most likely find one with great bonuses for your next poker or slots game. Make sure to visit that site as you will most likely be able to pick the best casino and double your deposit.

poker bluff

New Players and Bluffing

It is important to try and figure out the playing level of your opponents. I once heard Annie Duke give a pretty good description of the ability levels of Poker players. Instead of sticking to the generic terms of Amateur and Pro, she talked about three levels. Through my own research, I have concluded that this breakdown is very accurate. I am going to break down the three levels, add my own bluffing commentary and call them Novice, Intermediate and Professional. These three levels have nothing to do with the amount of time spent playing Poker. It is quite possible for someone who has been playing Poker for ten years to still be at the novice level.

Novice: The novice player almost always plays the game based on what he or she holds. The player on this level will, most of the time, fail to read the board and realize that bigger hands possibly exist. Bluffing this player can be very difficult if you are basing your bluff on the board. Since this player does not piece together opponent´s possible hands, the board is simply there to complete this player´s hand. Normally to successfully bluff players on this level, you need a very substantial bet to scare them.

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Are You a Poker Fan Without a Table? Here’s What to Play Instead

You have a cash game tonight, and you can’t wait for it to start. You have your snacks of choice at one side, and a crate of cold, caffeinated beverages on the other. You’re all set – but you still have to wait a lot for the game to begin. You’re in the mood for poker, but you don’t want to start looking for another table. If only there was a way to kill time, keep you in the mood, without betraying your opponents you’re waiting for.

FYI, there is one – it’s called video poker, and you can play it today, free or for real, at the Red Flush Casino Canada:

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What is video poker?

Video poker is the single-player version of a popular poker variant, Five Card Draw. Its basic rules, and its hand rankings, are the same as in the original. Given its nature, the game is not played for a pot, but for fixed prizes for each valuable hand. The value of said prizes depends on the amount the player stakes for each hand.

Video poker variants

The Red Flush Canada has several versions of video poker in its library. The basic rules, such as the gameplay and the hand rankings, are the same for each of them. What differs is the smallest valuable hand, and the use of Wild cards – or the lack of them.

Jacks or Better, one of the most popular video poker variants at the Red Flush Casino, will only make payout for a pair of Jacks or, well, better. Come to think of it, there’s no video poker game at the Red Flush Casino that would make a payout for a High Card -a hand that can win you a game of proper poker.

Deuces Wild is a variation of Jacks or Better where, aside from only paying out for a pair of Jacks or above, the twos (deuces) also act as Wild cards. This makes the game a bit more advantageous for the player by boosting its RTP close to 99%. Or even above, with the use of the right strategies.

The Red Flush Casino has several other video poker variants, like single- and multi-hand versions of its games, games using Jokers, and so on. Most of them are basic video poker versions with an extra feature – usually a bonus – added.

Do you feel lucky?

Video poker has something that no proper poker game does: a “gamble” feature. For every winning hand, players get the chance to multiply their winnings in a high/low or red/black guessing game. With odds similar to a coin toss, this game gives players the opportunity to exponentially grow their wins – or lose them with a wrong choice. This one has nothing to do with knowledge or skill – it is all about chance, nothing else.

Video poker is the casino game as close to proper poker as possible. It’s fast-paced and fun to play, making it the perfect pastime if you’re in the mood for poker, but have nobody to play against.

Why Studying Poker Outs Is the top Profit Boosting method around

Are you looking for ways to polish your poker game? Want to excel in better poker strategy, so you stop betting with emotion? If you’re tilting often or just feel like you’re never going to be one of the great poker players…you might be right. After all, you’re giving up right before the hard road becomes the good road, and that’s a real shame. The only way to move forward is to embrace one big truth: things are going to get hard before they get better. One way to make things infinitely better is to look at the concept of your poker outs.

Poker Outs

Not sure what “outs” really are? That’s what this guide is for, not so smooth poker friend! 🙂 The out is simply a card that may come that could give you the upper hand. You need to make sure that you have a firm grasp of all of the poker hands. Pop quiz: if I have a three of a kind, what are two hands that could beat it? If I have a four of a kind, what trumps it? You need to know if a flush is higher than a straight, and whether or not a three of a kind is better than just having two pair (hint: it is!)

But going back to the subject of outs, you need to start looking at the cards that could appear to save your hand and improve it. For example, if you’re sitting at an actual flush draw, then you have nine different cards that could help you get that flush. But what about the “weird” situations, like an open-ended and a flush? Where are your outs? 15 outs, which would obviously be a very favorable place to be in. of course, you need to be watching what the other players are doing. When you pair outs with poker position, some real magic happens.

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Don’t Panic Over Early Position in Hold’Em – Make The Most of It

If you’ve read at least one guide on poker position, chances are good that you’ve heard people say that early position is terrible. You might as well fold. You might as well just throw in the towel. Well, the truth is that you have some options on how to make things more in your favor. Does that mean that it will always work? Of course not. We know that veteran players are getting tired of our disclaimers but we’ve gotten a lot of interesting emails saying that our methods don’t work. Not every theory is going to play out exactly the way we say in real time. You might get afraid to push in because you’re worried everyone is going to fold, or you might be chased out of a pot. We can’t control how you play at all. We’re just going to help you with the particulars.

Early Position in Hold'Em

So, let’s go back to early position. This is one of the weakest spots to be in. We know what you’re thinking though: if it’s so weak, why even discuss it? Let’s face it, you can’t control which position you’re going to be in at all. You might think that you’re going to be in a place where you’re acting last, but that isn’t always the way it goes. What happens when you have a killer starting hand but you’re in the weakest position? Going out of order would hurt you, but doing nothing could mean that this hand is wasting for no good reason other than fear. Yikes.

Getting Started: Before the Flop

The time before the flop should be kept sacred. Because if you play it right, you’ll get more intelligence about what your opponents are really doing, and that’s ultimately what we want.

The standard way new players are taught is to go for a raise first, so that other people will fold. Of course, it doesn’t really work that way. You have some stubborn people that will call no matter if they have garbage or not. If you’re playing for expected value, you need to calculate that into all of your decisions.

You need to consider another possibility: letting another player do the raise and you just kind of go with the flow. This makes them think that you don’t have anything, letting you continue to draw without paying too much. Going all in is honestly not a good idea. If you have a great starter hand but the flop fails you, you’re in for a really bad time. You’ve committed to a pot that can’t do anything for you, and then you have to fold. If you have someone that is watching what you play, they could see that you are acting a bit reckless, and they absolutely will file that away for another time.

You’ve got to get as much information as you can but you need to still look at all of the options you do have. Playing small is going to be better than trying to push in, but you’ll need to just keep playing in order to refine your strategy. Stop hoping for perfect position and start making the most out of what you have!

How to measure and review your Poker progress

Getting good at poker is going to take some time. We know that might be a shock with all of the “make a million dollars in a year as a poker player” guides floating around. But the truth is that if you really want to get good at the game you have to take things slowly. Just learning the basics of ABC poker might take you six months alone. The idea that you’re going to unlock a ton of wealth simply through playing poker is something that just might not happen. What you can get, however, is the feeling of really improving your strategy and therefore your critical thinking skills. Even though the actions are simple, their impact isn’t simple at all. Do you know when to fold and when to raise? Do you know when you can check and when you might be leaving money on the table? These are just a few questions that come into play when poker is concerned.

Poker progress

But everyone wants to know how they’re doing, so we’re going to sit down and try to answer that question.

There are some statistics that you should follow. A poker tracker will be able to help you out by looking at all of your hand histories. If you don’t have your hand histories, you can get them simply through your online poker site of choice. Most of the top names in poker online will be able to do this for you. If you’re lost for how to get this done on your choice poker site, you can just email support. And if support can’t seem to get back to you, then you’re not playing on a big enough poker site so it might be time to move around. We have plenty of guides on that, though.

Back to the subject at hand: you need certain statistics. One would have to be VP$IP. This acronym means “Voluntary put in Money in Pre-Flop”. At this point, you might be thinking: of course I put money in, I was the Big Blind! That’s not what VP$IP is measuring. It’s looking at all of the times you bet before the flop. Most new players have a really high statistic for VP$IP, because they’re playing way too many hands. If you’re used to playing totally free poker, such as through a social media platform, then you’re playing way too loose. It’s easy to play a bunch of hands when there isn’t money on the table because there’s absolutely no risk. If you run out of virtual monies, the site will just give you more. But when you’re playing with hard earned cash, you need to manage your bankroll differently. This also means that you can’t play bad cards and hope that you’re going to get lucky. Yes, this means that if you fold 7-2o, there is going to be a flop that is 7-7-2. How often will this show up, though? Not very often at all.

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A New Crowd May Hold the Key to Solving Your Problems

Poker is a game that is constantly changing, while still maintaining its roots. The challenge of poker is that the people will get better in some respects, but also have other challenges that come to the surface. You have a lot of different players, but they often fall into some very distinct categories. But before you dig into the players, it’s time to check out a new place to play. We recommend Casino-X, where you have different poker groups to choose from.

But let’s go back to the why of choosing a different space: it comes with a different crowd. Sometimes that crowd is going to be more challenging. In order to combat that, you have to go back to the principles of poker. On weaker sites, you might get away with limping into pots with bad hands and running after the river. But if you end up playing with a tougher crowd, then you have to let go of those trash hands quicker, because they’re costing you money over time.

Speaking of money, a lot of poker players don’t realize that they have to base everything on whether it is a good money decision or a bad money decision. In simplistic terms, this is a short way of saying positive expected value and negative expected value. We could write a whole post just on these terms alone, so we will leave it here. All you need to know is that the little things that you do on the poker table will add up or subtract down over time. If you make good moves, you’ll make money for the long run, but if you make mistakes, it will take away from your lifetime total. There are software programs to track these numbers a bit more closely.

You have to play as many hands as possible, as long as they are viable. This is why some people play multiple tables at once. We recommend sticking with just one table, so that you can learn how they play. If you’re ready to move on to a new group of people, you can leave and just play at a different table. Remember that dealing with real money poker means that you’re going to have to think through your decisions differently from free poker sites.

The groups that circle Casino-X tend to be a mixed bunch. They’re not all sharks, but they’re also not all fish either. The only way to find out if this place is right for you is to check them out. But we’ve landed there and enjoyed it so far. Maybe we’ll see you there!

A Poker Hand: Through The Mind of a Professional

When you hear talk of a poker “professional” many things may come to mind. In my view, a poker professional is someone who is proven to be a long term winner, manages a bankroll correctly, doesn’t let emotions factor into decisions, shows up with his or her “A” game every time, is brutally honest with themselves and never EVER is satisfied with their play, there is always room for improvement. A lot of players aren’t even close to being on this level, hence the reason why 90% of people who play poker are long term losers. To be in that elite 10% of winners, you have to make the commitment to getting better through study, evaluation of your own play, and playing a large volume of hands to gain experience. I think experience is the biggest part of being a professional. The more hands you see, the more situations you come across and after a while many decisions at the table will become automatic. For me, playing 24 tables at a time may seem absolutely crazy but 95% of my decisions that I make are now done at a subconscious level, I already know what I am going to do before it even happens and when it happens I act automatically almost like an autopilot feature. If you are willing to put in the time and commit to getting better, there is no one stopping you from achieving success in poker.

poker professional

Now that we have defined what a poker professional is, I would like to share how a poker professional thinks during a hand. Before the hand is even dealt, it is important to evaluate the table schematics. What position will I be in? What are the effective stack sizes? Who may be on tilt from losing a big pot in previous hands? What are people talking about between hands? An observant professional evaluates the emotional state of each player at the table and makes inferences about their skill level. Judging by the way some people talk about the game, we can begin to deduct what kind of player they may be. In many live low stakes games, a majority of the players are absolutely atrocious in their play. A lot of players come to the casino just to gamble and have fun. For me, it is all business and I am here to make money and make the best decisions possible while eliminating any distractions. When not in a hand, many players will fiddle with their phones, check the scores of games and chat with their neighbor. I on the other hand am watching the action very closely to see how each player is playing and I develop strong reads which I can use later to punish these players. Showdowns are very rare, and when I get a chance to see what cards each player is playing, I don’t want to miss that opportunity. Staying alert and focused is ESSENTIAL if you want to have any kind of success at this game.

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