World’s biggest horse race is finally here!

Gearing up for a little Grand National Betting this year? With the world’s biggest horse race finally here, it’s time to dial in your knowledge and expertise. We’ve got this fantastic quiz to test which of you is the biggest horse racing fan! Each question gives you a small detail about one of the previous Grand National winners, all you have to do is guess who it refers to! We’ve got ground breakers, record setters and controversial surprises, it’s up to you to test your skills!

It’s estimated that over half a billion people will tune in this weekend to watch the event, close to 600 million, that’s nearly twice the population of the United States! Will you be tuning in? Let us know!

Maddest TV Bets!

Not all online betting has to be on sports these days! Whether its action heroes, television presenters or music events, people can bet on the outcome of almost anything, event politics! We take a look at some of the maddest bets on the TV!

Who’s The Next 007?

From the realistic and even likely suggestions of Tom Hiddleston, Oscar Isaac and Idris Elba to the downright insane such as David Cameron, Boris Johnson and P Diddy, betting on the next actor to play the infamous tuxedo wearing secret agent has always been a hot topic.

Who Pushed Ken Barlow?

The most infamous storyline in television history, who pushed Ken Barlow? Ken, played by British actor William Roache has been a staple of the show Coronation Street for almost 6 decades, earning a Guinness World Record for his stint with the show. There’s currently 10 main suspects in the spotlight, with big odds available for the right answer!

Next RTE’s Late Late Show Host

With almost 40 options, the odds on this one clearly split opinions! The show has ran for over 50 series, and is the world’s second longest-running chat show, after The Tonight Show in America. The odds range from 100/1 for Eamonn Holmes, to 4/7 for Miriam O’Callaghan.

Few key things you should be thinking about when betting on football

Apart from horse racing, football is the the biggest betting sport in the UK today. It’s obvious to see why football holds this share of the market, due to the devoted following of fans up and down the country/World and the excitement and coverage of popular English leagues (Premier League and Championship)…not to mention the increased coverage of top flight European football.

If you’re new to betting on football the number of markets available can certainly be daunting. However, the guys over at Oddschanger provide daily betting tips for football matches so that you’re able to place informed bets and begin to learn the markets.

For someone starting out in betting there are a few key things you should be thinking about that will help you on your way. Firstly don’t rush things. Nowadays there are things to bet on 24 hours a day from many different countries worldwide, so don’t think to yourself you have to start betting as soon as you can. Read all the information you can, and understand it before you start.
Hopefully after reading all the info you will be in a position where you have all the necessary things to start betting for profit:

– a betting bank.
– staking plan.
– spreadsheet for recording results.
– bookmakers account (I highly recommend betolimp where new players will get a 100% deposit bonus to start playing with).
– a system or method.
– and finally some selections to bet on.

Just by following the 6 simple steps above you will find that you are in a much more organised state than the vast majority of punters out there, and not just that, your bankroll will be much safer, more profitable in the long run and you will also find yourself picking up good habits in betting – such as discipline and patience. whilst without those 6 simple steps the vast majority of punters will fail to profit.

Picking the Best Online Sportsbook

When it comes to online sports betting, finding the best uk betting sites is absolutely vital. The wrong one could end up taking you for a ton of money and the right one can make for an exciting betting experience that you can trust and return to again and again. Knowing what to look for is certainly a key, but so is knowing what type of bettor you are. When you are trying to find the best UK sportsbook, here are some very important things to consider to ensure you are finding a good one:


What about Payoffs and Financials?

If a sportsbook has a reputation for not paying off their winnings, then you can be sure that the rest does not matter at all. No details overcome these types of problems and you can be certain of that. Making sure that they are capable of paying off is a big issue too. So how do you do that, you ask? Here are some things to consider:

•    How long has the business been around?
•    How do they rate online?
•    What do the forums say around other sportsbooks?
•    What do your fellow bettors say?

All of these things can say a ton about how good or bad a sportsbook is at paying out. One thing is for sure—if a sportsbook is not paying out the word will get around quickly.
How hard is it to wager?

While this used to be a much bigger deal than it used to be, today’s software can still be a bit tricky sometimes. Move around the site and check out the various ways in which you can place bets. If the process is tricky and you can’t find someone to help out with the problem, then you should likely consider moving on to an easier site. Most online sportsbooks now are much easier to operate and a breeze even for beginners.

placing a bet

How tough are financial transactions?

Deposit problems can arise rather easily with online sportsbooks, and in particular when you live in the United States. If you are from UK – it is much more easier. Sportsbooks can often take deposits with a credit card because they use their own financial processors. You can also use ewallets like Neteller and Skrill to make the transactions as easy as possible. Find a sportsbook that will take your deposit easily and you often will have a gold mine. Just be sure they are passing the muster on the points made above as well.

What do you want to bet on?

If you bet on college football and the sportsbook you are interested in does not offer it, then would you consider that a good fit? Some people get so caught up in the other stuff that they forget to find out what betting options are available. Once your money is deposited, you likely are going to want to bet it. Make sure they offer the type of betting you like on the games you want them to be on…before you make your deposit.

Betting limits are another key aspect. If you want to place small wagers but the sportsbook only accepts larger ones, you can see how problems arise. The same goes for the other way around. You might be a high roller and want to lay big bets down that are not allowed. These are all important things you have to do before you invest your money into a sportsbook to bet.

Difference between poker and casino games

It is a common misconception, for anyone wondering what goes on through the double-doors you average casino, that poker can be lumped in with all the traditional casino games. Of course in the 21st century those double-doors will often have to be merely a figment of your imagination as more and more punters turn to mobile casino apps as the way to play their favourite casino games like roulette, blackjack and online slots.

The major industry operators like Ladbrokes, Betfair and 32Red have produced standalone Poker apps for iPhone and Android, demonstrating that there are essential, incompatible differences between poker and other casino games. The first, and most important of these, is the necessary presence of the punter’s desired companion Lady Luck.

Whether you’re playing a mobile casino app or in a bricks-and-mortar establishment luck is the essential element if you’re going to scoop the big one. However, with poker it’s a little different; while any poker player can tell you he can get by without luck – ask to see a hand-history of the last tournament he won and judge for yourself – the reality is that the better you get the more power you have to reduce your dependency on luck.

This is done by figuring out the elements of the game which aren’t based on luck, and thus can be exploited with intelligent play. For example, many novices, knowing that the ace is the best card in the deck will play them religiously whenever they are dealt one, get mixed up in situations where their opponent is holding a stronger ace, and lose a bunch of money. The more experience player simply folds their weak aces and saves themselves the trouble. While a mobile casino app is always a fun way to simply see if you can strike lucky in poker the better you get the less luck you need.

Online Betting – The Basics

The online betting niche is very interesting and everyone wants to get in. You must be interested as well. Are you worried about the actually risks involved or how to exactly go about betting online? It is not so risky after all. Some of the online betting sites have seen this issue in rise and they now offer free betting online. That is right, you have no risks involved, but you should know some of the basic information concerning this offer.

You would first have to go through their site and see how it is set up and get used to it, and you should check out their terms of service and privacy policy. These are small minor details but it will help you out a lot in the future if there is a problem. So, you would have to register to the site in order to begin betting. First, betting for free is when the site lets you bet a specific dollar amount on the niche you want in on. If you do end up losing the bet, you lose nothing. That surely feels good, doesn’t it? Similarly, if you do end up winning, then you win money. It is best thing ever. Now, you do get a cut-off payment. You will not receive the total investment dollar amount. If the winning ratio is set at two to one, and you put in ten dollars, then you receive twenty dollars, and the other ten is not awarded to you.