Alternatives to Playing Poker

Poker is a form of gambling, we all know that. Of all the different forms of gambling that you will find, poker is regarded as having the “least” amount of gambling involved because to be successful, you need skill as well. Skill involves using strategy and it includes being able to bluff convincingly. But what about if you can’t master one or both of these techniques? Well the simple answer is that you’re in trouble and you would be better of avoiding poker and having a go at more traditional casino games that involve luck.

Playing Poker

If all you want to do is rely on luck, then you would be best off playing slots, whether it is online or offline. The idea of slots is very simple, just select how many lines you want to bet on, how much you’re going to bet and spin the reels, it really is as simple as that. Sometimes you will win, other times you won’t and there’s always a chance of hitting a jackpot. Although the chances of hitting the jackpot are slim, it does happen every now and then to a few lucky players.

The good thing about slots, especially when you play online is that there’s such a wide variety of games to play with regards to themes. Gone are the days where every slot game is the same and the only way to get a jackpot is landing “777” or three jackpot reels. A lot of online casinos offer hundreds of different game themes such as Iron Man, King Kong and Lord of the Rings to name but a few of the different games that I’ve seen. The only downside to slots is that you’re relying almost 100% on luck with no strategy or skill involved.

If you would like to play a game which is a mixture of both luck and strategy, then you would be best off having a look at roulette which is a very simple game to both learn and play. The wheel spins as does the ball, and it randomly lands in one of the 37/38 slots, this is where luck is needed. At the same occasion, roulette is a numbers game and you need to decide how much you’re going to bet and how many of the different bets you’re going to utilize with each spin. This is where the strategy comes into play although you need to remember that the odds are always there and you can’t overcome them.

Of all the different casino games, the one that is the closest to poker is blackjack. The premise is simple, get your cards as close to 21 as you can without going over and you play against a dealer and you need to beat his total. Unlike with roulette where the odds are static, in blackjack the odds are always different depending on what hands both you and the dealer have. To get the most out of playing blackjack, you would be best off learning the game with a strategy trainer which will show you how to play with the best odds for every hand.

What you need to accept with all forms of gambling is that there will always be some kind of risk involved. With poker, it’s the risk that you will come up against a better player or even if you’re a good player, you may just be dealt a bad hand over and over. With casino games, the risk is that the house has more chances of winning than you do due to the odds of the games. Once you understand and accept this, you will enjoy the games more.

Bingo Growth Booms

Most reputable online bingo sites provide new players with free bingo games. These give new players the chance to try out the site’s game software without risking any money. At some sites players can even win real cash prizes playing free bingo games. Without free online bingo games there would be no online bingo industry. The first games were launched in 1996 in the United Kingdom. Games were free and all players had to do to access the games was provide some personal information that was later used for marketing purposes. Most online bingo games were free until the turn of the century when the first pay to play sites emerged.

Bingo Growth

The first bingo sites also offered freeroll games to attract players. By 2006-07, there were about 300 bingo sites doing business around the world. Bingo sites experienced a rapid growth in player numbers after the imposition of a national smoking ban in Great Britain. Bingo has been an ingrained part of British culture since the postwar years. Changes in British gambling laws in the mid 60’s allowed the land based bingo industry to rapidly expand.  The ‘golden age’ of bingo continued until the 80’s and declined during the 80’s and 90’s.

The online bingo industry in the UK came into its own after the smoking ban. Marketing strategists used free bingo games to attract players. The use of flash technology made free bingo games widely available and players no longer had to download game software and had instant access to games. The addition of chat rooms spurred further industry growth. Most bingo sites added side games to compete with online casinos. The move was well received and today some bingo operators say that most of their profits are generated by side games and slots in particular.

Live online bingo and casino games are a relatively new development. One British bingo site has added webcams providing players with face to face communication. Mobile bingo games are also new and several major online bingo operators have added mobile applications for smart phones. Mobile technology has presented the industry with some challenges such as limited screen size and chat room participation. Most experts believe that these problems will be solved in the very near future. Bingo has experienced steady growth throughout the global recession and some say that the legalization of online bingo by several US states could trigger the next bingo boom.

World Series of Poker Tournament

Like any game or sport the world series is the biggest poker tournament that there is. It is played in Las Vegas and started in 1970. It has an interesting history, where a great poker player, Benny Binion, invited six other players to the Horseshoe Casino to play a single tournament to see which of them was the best. They played for certain amount of time and the winner was decided by a secret ballot.

Since then, there have been many changes to the tournament. Winners receive a World Series of Poker bracelet which are highly coveted. There is also a big money prize, which is determined by how many people enter and how much the buy-in for. There are now a whole selection of events, not just the one game which means that a lot more people can take part. The biggest event is the $10,000 no-limit hold’em ‘Main Event’ and since 2004 it has attracted thousands of entrants. There is a million dollar prize, so this is not surprising! The winner of this event is considered to be the World Champion of Poker.

The various events often have different variants of the game played in them. There are also various qualifying events which means that a lot of people get a chance of playing, but of course, only the very best players get through to the finals. Poker online play is allowed as well, which means that many different people can take part from all over the world.

world poker tournament

In 2004, it was Harrah’s Entertainment that bought the rights to the tournament and it is hosted in the Rio casino. It tends to be hosted in different Hurrah’s owned casinos. One of the most exciting finals was in 1982 when Jack Straus thought he had lost and then found that he had one remaining $500 chip which he bet and then came back to win. In 2009 there were 264 rounds played before a winner was declared. Two players have won three times and several have one twice. Only three players have won in consecutive years.

The tournament has grown massively in popularity and in 1973 it was first televised. In the 1990’s the live even was broadcast but in more recent time it tended to be an edited version which was more of an overview rather than the whole event with commentary and analysis. Nowadays more of the live event is televised and some of the preliminary games are as well.