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Maddest TV Bets!

Not all online betting has to be on sports these days! Whether its action heroes, television presenters or music events, people can bet on the outcome of almost anything, event politics! We take a look at some of the maddest bets on the TV!

Who’s The Next 007?

From the realistic and even likely suggestions of Tom Hiddleston, Oscar Isaac and Idris Elba to the downright insane such as David Cameron, Boris Johnson and P Diddy, betting on the next actor to play the infamous tuxedo wearing secret agent has always been a hot topic.

Who Pushed Ken Barlow?

The most infamous storyline in television history, who pushed Ken Barlow? Ken, played by British actor William Roache has been a staple of the show Coronation Street for almost 6 decades, earning a Guinness World Record for his stint with the show. There’s currently 10 main suspects in the spotlight, with big odds available for the right answer!

Next RTE’s Late Late Show Host

With almost 40 options, the odds on this one clearly split opinions! The show has ran for over 50 series, and is the world’s second longest-running chat show, after The Tonight Show in America. The odds range from 100/1 for Eamonn Holmes, to 4/7 for Miriam O’Callaghan.

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Tips for Playing Live Three-Card Poker

Poker is an extremely exciting, popular card game that is enjoyed by people around the world. There are countless variations, each with their own rules and strategies, that each adds interesting twists to a very well-known and well-loved game. Played at live casino around the world, poker and all of its variants can be both extremely fun and lucrative, once an individual understands the rules, pay rates and comes up with a strategy to win.

As it is a very fast-paced game that involves having to discern the meaning of the other players’ subtle gestures and facial expressions, figuring out what they aren’t saying as well as what they are, it is absolutely no surprise that it is a game that, when played at a live casino, invites intelligent, perceptive people to play. Poker is a game that relies on skill just as much as luck; which means a player will not end up winning just by chance.

A popular and fast-paced variation is the three card poker variant. Setting it apart from standard poker and lending it a slightly blackjack-like air is the fact that players do not play against each other; rather, they are trying to beat the dealer.

A good player at an online casino will be able to make calculated decisions very quickly and decisively if they want to stand a chance of winning a hand. They must be able to tell if the other players are bluffing or not, that way they know if they stand a chance of beating the dealer- and being able to determine if the dealer is employing the same bluffing strategy or not will be greatly beneficial. Rounds are played very quickly and the payout is always very nice, which is one of the reasons behind its popularity.

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Bluff Your Stack away

One of the most known moves in Poker is the bluff. Each day new players flock to the game of Poker and can´t wait to execute their first bluff. Some players utilize the bluff very often, some not so much and some not at all. There are definitely times to bluff and times to play it straight. I thought I would go over some general thoughts on bluffing. While I am speaking mainly for the benefit of online Poker players, these thoughts will hold true in your home games and the Poker rooms around the world – except point number two. TheCasinoDB are reviewing online casinos on a daily basis and you will most likely find one with great bonuses for your next poker or slots game. Make sure to visit that site as you will most likely be able to pick the best casino and double your deposit.

poker bluff

New Players and Bluffing

It is important to try and figure out the playing level of your opponents. I once heard Annie Duke give a pretty good description of the ability levels of Poker players. Instead of sticking to the generic terms of Amateur and Pro, she talked about three levels. Through my own research, I have concluded that this breakdown is very accurate. I am going to break down the three levels, add my own bluffing commentary and call them Novice, Intermediate and Professional. These three levels have nothing to do with the amount of time spent playing Poker. It is quite possible for someone who has been playing Poker for ten years to still be at the novice level.

Novice: The novice player almost always plays the game based on what he or she holds. The player on this level will, most of the time, fail to read the board and realize that bigger hands possibly exist. Bluffing this player can be very difficult if you are basing your bluff on the board. Since this player does not piece together opponent´s possible hands, the board is simply there to complete this player´s hand. Normally to successfully bluff players on this level, you need a very substantial bet to scare them.

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Play Online Roulette

A classic yet simple online casino game famed for its distinct wheel, roulette appeals to a variety of players. Its popularity stems from the game’s simple rules, multiple betting options with fast and fun gaming action. Roulette is a game that is easy to learn, but offers enough variation to provide quality entertainment over and over again.

Now available around the clock, thanks to the internet, online roulette offers players lots of added extras – players benefit from casino bonuses, 24-hour customer support, loyalty points and a whole host of other online casino games at the touch of a button. Boasting quality graphics and smooth animations, as well as a reliable gaming platform, most online roulette games take this casino classic to another level. This amazing game is available on most popular online casinos around the world. Royal Panda casino is a relatively new casino that is currently very popular in the UK and offers great bonuses to both new and existing customers. With over 200 games to choose from, you won´t have any problems finding your favorite.

History of Roulette

Originating in 17th century France, roulette quickly left the streets and became a staple addition in all physical and online casinos around the world. The geographical shifts and manufacturing developments over time created a huge number of game variants and game rules, creating one of the most entertaining, fair and exciting games around.

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Few key things you should be thinking about when betting on football

Apart from horse racing, football is the the biggest betting sport in the UK today. It’s obvious to see why football holds this share of the market, due to the devoted following of fans up and down the country/World and the excitement and coverage of popular English leagues (Premier League and Championship)…not to mention the increased coverage of top flight European football.

For someone starting out in betting there are a few key things you should be thinking about that will help you on your way. Firstly don’t rush things. Nowadays there are things to bet on 24 hours a day from many different countries worldwide, so don’t think to yourself you have to start betting as soon as you can. Read all the information you can, and understand it before you start.
Hopefully after reading all the info you will be in a position where you have all the necessary things to start betting for profit:

– a betting bank.
– staking plan.
– spreadsheet for recording results.
– bookmakers account (I highly recommend betolimp where new players will get a 100% deposit bonus to start playing with).
– a system or method.
– and finally some selections to bet on.

Just by following the 6 simple steps above you will find that you are in a much more organised state than the vast majority of punters out there, and not just that, your bankroll will be much safer, more profitable in the long run and you will also find yourself picking up good habits in betting – such as discipline and patience. whilst without those 6 simple steps the vast majority of punters will fail to profit.

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According to the Oxford dictionary, Luck refers to “Success or failure apparently brought on by chance rather than through one’s own actions”. When we feel lucky, we believe we have beaten random chance, and that our ability to control has somehow overcome natural chaos. We may also feel lucky when we survive a poor decision or a dangerous incident. Without our intervention, things happen to us and around us, and we explain the near misses as being down to fortune, or good/bad luck. Around the globe, there are hundreds of symbols, omens and representations for luck. One of the most common and well used symbols is the four leaf clover. Commonly tied to Irish history, it has been used for everything from Cereal Mascots, Sports logos and even tattoos. The four-leaf clover is a fairly uncommon variant of the more commonly found three-leaf clover. According to tradition, these clovers bring good fortune as each leaf is believed to represent something: the first is for faith, the second is for hope, the third is for love, and the fourth is for luck.


In China, different numbers can represent different meanings, and it’s said that the number 8 is the luckiest of them all. This is similar in many eastern countries due to the word’s similarity in pronunciation to the word for wealth or fortune. The apparent popularity of the number was clear when Beijing hosted the Olympics, beginning at 8.08pm on August 8th, 2008. Another Eastern symbol is the Maneki-neko, literally translated to beckoning cat, a Japanese figurine or talisman often thought to bring good luck to its owner. The figure depicts a small cat with its paw up, waving. They’re usually coloured white, black, Gold or occasionally red and are often mistaken to be Chinese in origin due to their popularity with Chinese merchants and tourists.

In our day to day life, and especially in the incredibly hectic 21st century, we all rely on luck, whether we realise it or not. From simple day to day things like catching the train on time, or winning at online casino sites, all the way through to huge life choices like a new career or moving home. Wikipedia states that;

“Darke and Freedman were the first researchers systematically to address directly both the concept and the measurement of belief in luck as a deterministic and personal attribute. They define luck belief as the perception that good luck is ‘a somewhat stable characteristic that consistently favours some people but not others’. They define disbelief in luck as ‘a tendency to agree with the rational view of luck as random and unreliable”

A study published in 2003 by Richard Wiseman found that lucky people scored significantly higher on extroversion. They smile twice as often and engage in more eye contact. Their sociability, Wiseman explains, helps them increase their likelihood of a lucky opportunity because they meet more people, connect better, and maintain relationships. No matter where you stand on the concept of luck, or cosmic intervention, there’s no denying some people are simply luckier than others.

The Reverse side of Casino Reviews Online

One of the worst kept secrets of the online gambling world is that casinos really want your business. They advertise heavily for it. They want everyone to go out and spread the word about how great it is to play at their casino. Spending at a casino is starting to grow again, but there’s a roadblock here: how do people feel comfortable going to a place where they’ve never visited and handing over sensitive information to get started? That’s where casino reviews come in.

casino reviews

Indeed, the reverse side of casino reviews refers to the hidden aspect of these reviews that make them so irresistible. We need to go back to casino reviews because they keep us informed from a realistic point of view. The best reviews are going to come from a site that has real people playing at different casinos. If they’ve never experienced the casino, they can’t really give you a great review.

Thankfully, the best review sites do have this realistic feel. Take Gaming Revolution for instance. They’re going to tell you about ongoing promotions and games, because they have checked out the different casinos.

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Where to find the best Online Casino Reviews

It can be really confusing when you see so many online casino websites and apps to know which one will be the best one to try out. A good way can be to read the reviews of it, but there are still many places to see reviews and it can be hard to know where to look for these as well. For example if you are looking at to decide whether to play there you may find reviews in the app store, online review sites, on the website itself, on casino review sites and other places. It can be tricky knowing which are the best, as you will not have the time to look at them all.

Reviews on a site itself will be biased. They will all be positive reviews. Although this can sometimes tell you a bit more about the site, it is not really worth looking at.


Some websites that have general reviews can be good but you may find that their categories are so broad, the amount of specific online casino reviews could be quite small. Therefore they are probably not really worth looking at either.

Online casino review sites can be a lot better. They may rank sites and have a detailed description of what the site is like as well an opinion on how they find it. This sort of detail can be really useful to allow you to think about whether the site is one that you will enjoy yourself. However, it is worth being a bit cautious about the ratings on these sites. Often the links on these sites to the casinos are affiliate links. Although this is perfectly legitimate, it may means that they will only review sites that have an affiliate scheme and rank those which give them more commission; more highly. This may not be the case at all, but it is wise to just be open minded when you are looking at them.

If you are downloading an app, then reviews in an app store can help. It is worth looking at reviews written by those who have the same device as you as then it will make you aware of any problems that may have been experienced which could be specific to your device. The ratings can be useful too, but remember that everyone has different tastes and so if they dislike something for a specific reason, that may be the exact reason that you like it. So try to take time to read reviews as well as looking at ratings to see exactly why people are rating the way that they are.

So it can actually be quite difficult to know where to go to find a good review! You may have some places that you rely on already but you may have to look around and try some new review sites that you may like as well. This could allow you to find out about all sorts of new online casino sites or apps that you might like to try.