8 Things to Look for in a Poker Training Site

So you have decided training is for you—great! Poker training and proper study is what really sets a good player apart. But what should you look for in a training site? Here are ten criteria to keep an eye on:

More Than a Poker Instruction Manual

Make sure you’re getting value for your money. They should be doing a lot more than just telling you how to play the game. Any small child can learn the basic rules of poker in twenty minutes, but that certainly doesn’t make them a winner. Winning takes strategy and technique.

All Skill Levels

Poker technique does not work the same for all levels of play. A seasoned player, for instance, can get away with a lot more moves than a beginner. A good poker training site will cater to all skill levels.

Casino King Quiz – Are you a gambling genius?

It’s tough to be the king, but if you’re one of the gambling elite then it’s a position that you’ve had to earn through skill, insight and a constant drive to be better at the games you’re playing. Whether you’re a blackjack boss or a slot supremo, you had to do a lot to get to the top – but do you think you know enough to stay there? Keeping your wits about you in the casino is essential, so let’s see how well your casino knowledge has held up.

Blackjack’s a good starting place, how well do you know your game? We have a few particularly pointed questions further in but let’s start with the basics – where did blackjack come from? The well-read blackjack fan will likely tell you that it’s unclear, as blackjack has its roots in a number of games played in France, Spain and Italy in the early 15th and 16th centuries. The first reference to a game modelled around blackjack is from a short story written by Miguel de Cervantes, the creator of Don Quixote! And, of course, we have to talk about card counting and the creator of card counting as a system. Do you know who that was? His name was Edward Thorp and he produced a mathematically sound way to beat the dealer, which has led to casinos using multiple decks and other systems to try and maintain their edge over players. But you probably already knew all of this.

Things you should, and definitely shouldn’t do in a Casino

The massive world of Casino’s can be a little terrifying. Hundreds of thousands of people a day, the bright lights, the noise, and of course, the risk. It can be an intimidating place if you’ve never set foot in one before, but fear not, we’ve created this easy to digest guide of all the things you should, and definitely shouldn’t do in a Casino. The ‘rules’ are significantly different from an online casino such as Paddy Power, so this is a must read if it’s your first time visiting.

Be sure to jump in the comments and let us know if you’ve ever been to a Casino, where you’ve been, and if this helped! Remember to share it with your friends too!

The Origins of Craps

The game has quite the history. Its beginnings date from 2000 years ago, when people were gambling with dice made of bone. But the first mention of the game was in the 11th century.


At that period, Sir William of Tyre and his knights were supposedly played a game similar to Craps, called The Hazard. The name of the game Hazard allegedly comes from the name of a castle called Hazarth, where the knights were passing their time and developed the game.

This early version of craps spread very fast in England and was even mentioned in Chaucer’s work, of course, still with the name Hazard.

Playing hazard quickly became a huge event for the Englishmen in the 1600’s and 1700’s and the word of the game spread even in France. This is the period when the game got its new name, “Crab”, as was the French meaning for the lowest value of a throw of the dice.

Is Linda Johnson the Most Important Woman in Poker?

Pro poker may be a male dominated field but there are plenty of women with the skills, guts and wits to make their mark.

Of these, Linda Johnson is quite possibly the most important woman to sit at the felt – not necessarily for her impressive skills but for her contribution to poker as a whole. The ‘First Lady of Poker’ has been a WSOP bracelet winner, a publisher for Card Player Magazine, founder of the Tournament Director’s Association and Tour Announcer.

But is she the most important woman in poker? Let’s have a look at some of her achievements.

Poker Playing Skills

Though she started playing in 1974, it wasn’t until 1997 that the First Lady won herself a bracelet at a WSOP event, landing her big win in the $1,500 seven-card razz event. Whilst she’s been involved in and played multiple games, she’s yet to secure another bracelet.

The odds of winning £1 Million on a game

Going from £10 to £1 Million is something that, realistically, is just not going to happen in a single night. No matter how smart you play your bets, multiplying your money by such an enormous amount is going to be incredibly unlikely. BUT! It’s not actually impossible. You could get lucky playing the lottery, maybe you’d buy a share that suddenly skyrocketed or you could play casino on Paddy Power! The casino one is the focus of this infographic which breaks down the odds of you making a million if you start from £10 so if you ever do decide to try and make a million you know the odds against you.

Casino Game Histories and Origins

Take a quick browse at one of the best online casino sites available today, and you’ll be met with hundreds and hundreds of slot, jackpot and table games to choose from. These virtual casino games may look brand-spanking new with their modern 3D graphics, snazzy soundtracks and abundant extra bonus features, but many have long histories that stretch back centuries ago.

In fact, all of today’s online slots have evolved from a single, famous gambling machine first spun over 130 years ago now. And if you think that’s a long time, wait until you hear that different versions of blackjack and roulette have been played for well over 200 years(!), during which time they have evolved in various locations across the globe to become the staple casino games we know and love today.